A Spirit of Confusion

One of the greatest things people desire is “clarity”.

We’re living in a world saturated with lies.   Everywhere you look there are spin doctors.   People employed to take a lie and either make it sound right or twist it so badly that people are confused.

This creates a distaste for news outlets, whether TV., radio, newspapers, email, everything.   A serious detachment has happened.    Not just disillusionment, but a distrust.    A feeling of hopelessness.  Of confusion even.

This not only extends to the arena of Politics, Finance and Business.     The saddest thing is when this goes into the arena of Faith and Religion, which is where it is now.    You only to need to read some of the books being published.   Listen to some of the T.V. programs.   Attend at a local church or religious event.   The misinterpretation of scripture, the misapplication of scripture, the self enrichment from christian initiatives.   The selfishness of involvement.    The continuous flow of intentional deception.

What can we do to come through this maze of confusion?   I for one feel so sorry for our youth that bombarded daily by the secular press, university, TV. and some churches with such nonsesence  and conflicting messages.

A.  Begin to Question the Sources.   Because it has a credible sounding source, does not mean it is.

Many sources of information are designed to confuse, and give an impression of legitimacy, even

with logos and signage.

B. Confront the Errors.     If you hear something that violates other scriptures, challenge the person

declaring it.   The apostle Paul had to do this everywhere he went.    Especially, in pagan societies.

C. Take some Courses in solid Theology.   Stop drinking just the milk, get some meat and potatoes.

D. Find Mature, Godly Friends. Ones you can run things by, to help you keep your balance and establish


E. Pray and Ask God to Help you Discern the Spirit.   What spirit is at play here, is this a deceptive spirit trying to bring confusion, deception and lies. Is it the father of all lies, at work again.

F.  Don’t Get Discouraged.   This is not the time to throw in the towel and quit. There have always been times of confusion and foolishness, this might be greater than before, but other saints have prevailed.


Father, I come against this spirit of confusion, and bind the enemy that would steal, kill and destroy. I ask in Jesus name that he leave this place and my mind and bring hope, peace and love for me to function in a Christ-like manner.    In Jesus name!    Amen


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