When I was doing Church construction 35 years ago, we would come to a property to build on, and search for a location to set up the Dumpy Level. Something like a surveyors tripod and level.

We tried to find something that wouldn’t change, or shift, or be damaged. Often we chose a steel manhole lid in the middle of the nearby roadway. Not often did these change in the 4 or 5 months of construction.

With this point of Solid reference we then set a mark/stake on the Property from which the whole buildings location and height would be determined.

It makes a good point for us today to put some Benchmarks in place for our lives. Especially today (2021) we need something that is unalterable, something fixed, an absolute, a truth.

Thankfully, I’ve found a few of these over my 81 years that have kept me grounded and secure. Without these you are like a ship tossed about by the waves in every direction.

My benchmarks come from the Scripture, which I believe is the inerrant Word of God my Creator. I can’t think of a better reference. Not politicians, not professors, not financiers, not a lot of religious leaders (sad to say) but the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, dictated by the Holy Spirit to faithful men and women of God who wrote without personal opinion or public pressure.

My encouragement to you today would be to take a scribbler and begin to write yours down as I have. Get it in front of your eyes, not just in your head or memory. Now live them and teach them to your Children!

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