Have you ever been betrayed?       Given your confidences, trust, finances, expertise to someone else and then when you least expect it, they take it and use it for themselves, share it, gossip about it etc, etc.

Well, most people have during their life time and it’s one of the most uncomfortable experiences to have.

                   You’re not sure how to respond properly.     Christ-like or unChrist-like?

Defense:     How could you do that to me, take me at my most vulnerable point and exploit it

Anger:  You scoundrel, you jerk, you liar, you …

Retaliation:    I know your weaknesses also, I’ll get even with you, you think your perfect, just wait till I….?

Depression:    You sink low into a dark abyss and it feels like there is no tomorrow

Anxiety:     Oh my, what else can they do to make this situation worse, what next will they do?

Take the High-Road:    What would Jesus do?   How can I act like Him?   Can I really bless my new


Joyful:     “Bless those that curse you, do good to them that despitefully use you”   “Rejoice and be

exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven”


Heap Coals of Fire:     Be nice… hoping that they will receive evil for evil.

Move On:    Well, this seems to be the most useful – even if you go through the other stages of emotions

that tug and pull at your mind and heart.    This isn’t the end of the road.   Declare the truth

(even when it hurts) people need to hear your side of the story     Let others see your

positive attitude.    Move on with Vision, Dream, Plans God has put in your heart.   Pray for

them and yourself that this not consume you and take the vibrant edge God has endowed

you with.



Stay clear of that Betrayer!        Don’t plan to get bitten again!      That’s an awful snake!


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