Life and Time are such precious commodities

     At one point you are so invulnerable that you can do anything and go anywhere.   At another point in time, you second guess yourself to consider if you can do either.

     As a Pastor I’ve been with people through every Season of Life.    Birth of babies.   Dedication of children.  Baptism of adults.   Salvation of every age.  Marriages.  Divorces.  Painful Events. Peoples greatest joys and deepest sorrows.  What a joy to be with a Believer as they come to the end of their Journey.  And then the ultimate of a closing down Season, and finally death. (promotion)

     For some reason or another, I never thought I would live to be 70.    It just seemed too distant, too old, too foreign for my mind to conceive.   But, then all of a sudden (trust me it came that fast) there I was looking out through these eyes into the mirror at an old person.   Even then it didn’t dawn on me that I was in the closing down season of life.    I mean I was old, but not decrepit.   I was slowing, but not stopped.   I was tiring easily, but not exhausted.  I didn’t think as quickly on my feet as before.

     Well, now I look back a lot and ponder the Journey of Life.   Overall it’s been good.   Not without its pitfalls.  Not without its sin.   Not without its pains.   Not without its regrets and betrayals and sorrows and shame and broken promises and unreached dreams and visions.

     BUT, it’s a poor man that dwells on the negative and wallows in the mire of “what might have been”.

     I thank God for the health, for the “my grace is sufficient” moments, for the adequate supply of resources, for the unbelievably super-fantastic wife, for loving children and amazing grandchildren.  For a walk with God, though not perfect, yet filled with contentment and happiness.  For the incredible privilege of being a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Called by God!    For the opportunities of service in the Body of Christ in various giftings, in various settings, in various Seasons.

     This Season has brought opportunities my way that I never dreamed of, nor sought, nor feel adequate for, but they are there none the less, to give spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction well beyond my capability.

     So come what may my friends, hold fast to that which is good, that to which God assigns you and entrusts you with.   Remember every Season has its promise and potential, you must rise to live it!



Cream Rises to the Top…

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I was thinking about this in church yesterday as the 2019 Camp came to an end. Dozens of people have been involved in this years Family Camp.   Each one played a part in the success of the whole.   Some who were old hat at doing their part right off the cuff, others as first timers attempting to put their gifts into action. It was amazing through the week to see the interactions, the fill-ins, the joy, the laughter, the children, youth and adults together in services and at play. In the olden days (here I go...

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Sooner or Later

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The Church and Ministers will have to take a stand!    Sad to say, but we have for a hundred years carried on ministry in Canada, as though we are a Christian country.    And to a degree we are. However, things have been gradually changing.    Like the frog in the kettle it’s been gradual, but now we are in hot water, and either we will respond or die.    I think we have 3 options Die – just give up and roll over and play dead.    Many have already done that,...

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Re-Ordering the Moral Fabric!

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Wow, it’s difficult to become old!     Our generation was so set in what we called Normal Standards.   Now, we face a society in what we think of as Abnormal. I was teaching a class recently, speaking about Christian Ethics.   I placed on the board the words:      Normal   – Abnormal  –  Sub-normal                      Under it:     Functional  –  Dysfunctional  –  Hyper-dysfunctional My goal was to show the collapsing values of...

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Christian Leadership Training

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Let’s Equip More Christians for Leadership.    We have a strange paradigm set up that forces our Christian youth into a 4-6 year College program to equip them for leadership. Why do I think it is strange? First, because it puts them into a cookie-cutter type of training that stifles creativity. Second, because it cripples them with a debt that takes years to pay off. Third, because there is no evidence they are Christianizing North America. Fourth, because it is a disincentive to entice young...

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     The real term for those called to serve God, is Minister – a servant. Imagine how important this position is. Jesus, explained this word with actions. He came to minister to the people. So in my mind, when called into Christian Service, we should be called – Ministers      The most popular “generic” term is Pastor. So much confusion comes from the wrong use of these words. Still, after not being a pastor for 25 years people still call me Pastor. I usually respond favourably anyway, but when...

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Few Reach Their Potential

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In my opinion very few Evangelists ever reach their potential.    A sad reality but true.    Most begin with a great vision from God, energy, passion and Godliness. Somewhere along the way, things creep in and steal one or all of these attributes.    We all know it’s the work and goal of the enemy to do this, but we let our guard down and it’s like… boom, down we go. The things of earth and the spirit can over-ride the real heart desire. For me the sadness is very great, as I see the...

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My thoughts on The Trumper

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The two countries of Canada and the United States are so intertwined in so many ways, that we follow their politics as closely, or more so as ours.     And we have strong opinions about them. The recent federal election was watched with strong, mixed emotions and opinions, on almost a daily basis. Evangelicals like myself were horrified at a lot of the “goings on” of the two front-runners for President.      Like, isn’t politics supposed to be about issues, and constituents needs, and finances, and a strong...

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I Work with so many Amazing People!

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Because I help churches and ministries Incorporate and Register with the CRA here in Canada, I encounter so many new, vibrant, enthusiastic, Godly people with a fresh Vision. Recently; a couple of middle aged ladies starting a Church, trying to line up all the paper work to do it responsibly and accurately for the sake of integrity and ethics.   So confused about some of the demands on them, but persuaded they want God’s best and to do it right.   Beautiful to hear them describe their new congregation of 35/50 people,  (if they all...

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Evangelists Training School

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Because this is a special Gifting close to my heart, I’ve decided to hold some Classes on this subject. I’ve taught, trained, mentored and assisted Evangelists for over 18 years now and through these powerful men and women, have seen thousands accept Christ as Saviour.   These will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but soon we will put them on DVD and be able to send them to other places around the world. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area – GTA, or in Ontario, we encourage you to begin this journey with us. This...

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Branding     Branding is a concept as old as the hills!   On a farm or ranch, the one way to know your animals was to put a mark or brand on them.  That way if they strayed or got mixed up with others on an extra large ranch of thousands of acres, you could sort them out and find your own by looking for the mark. Jesus, has a mark on us as Christians, we are known by Him.   Furthermore, we know each other as Christians – that mark is LOVE! Ministries & Evangelists today need to understand the value of Branding.   Every car...

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