Life and Time are such precious commodities

     At one point you are so invulnerable that you can do anything and go anywhere.   At another point in time, you second guess yourself to consider if you can do either.

     As a Pastor I’ve been with people through every Season of Life.    Birth of babies.   Dedication of children.  Baptism of adults.   Salvation of every age.  Marriages.  Divorces.  Painful Events. Peoples greatest joys and deepest sorrows.  What a joy to be with a Believer as they come to the end of their Journey.  And then the ultimate of a closing down Season, and finally death. (promotion)

     For some reason or another, I never thought I would live to be 70.    It just seemed too distant, too old, too foreign for my mind to conceive.   But, then all of a sudden (trust me it came that fast) there I was looking out through these eyes into the mirror at an old person.   Even then it didn’t dawn on me that I was in the closing down season of life.    I mean I was old, but not decrepit.   I was slowing, but not stopped.   I was tiring easily, but not exhausted.  I didn’t think as quickly on my feet as before.

     Well, now I look back a lot and ponder the Journey of Life.   Overall it’s been good.   Not without its pitfalls.  Not without its sin.   Not without its pains.   Not without its regrets and betrayals and sorrows and shame and broken promises and unreached dreams and visions.

     BUT, it’s a poor man that dwells on the negative and wallows in the mire of “what might have been”.

     I thank God for the health, for the “my grace is sufficient” moments, for the adequate supply of resources, for the unbelievably super-fantastic wife, for loving children and amazing grandchildren.  For a walk with God, though not perfect, yet filled with contentment and happiness.  For the incredible privilege of being a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Called by God!    For the opportunities of service in the Body of Christ in various giftings, in various settings, in various Seasons.

     This Season has brought opportunities my way that I never dreamed of, nor sought, nor feel adequate for, but they are there none the less, to give spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction well beyond my capability.

     So come what may my friends, hold fast to that which is good, that to which God assigns you and entrusts you with.   Remember every Season has its promise and potential, you must rise to live it!



A Spirit of Confusion

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One of the greatest things people desire is “clarity”. We’re living in a world saturated with lies.   Everywhere you look there are spin doctors.   People employed to take a lie and either make it sound right or twist it so badly that people are confused. This creates a distaste for news outlets, whether TV., radio, newspapers, email, everything.   A serious detachment has happened.    Not just disillusionment, but a distrust.    A feeling of hopelessness.  Of confusion even. This not only extends to the arena of...

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Christmas 2015

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What an amazing time to celebrate!   This is the time of the year we set aside to remember the Coming of Jesus Christ into the World as the Son of God. Sadly, many are not celebrating it, as it holds too many painful memories. Family members that have died, and this is the first time without them at Christmas. Divorce has shattered their dreams and hopes and they will go through this time alone, or still confused at the turn of Events in their lives. Financial loss has left them destitute, or unable to have the usual level of gift giving...

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Betrayed Have you ever been betrayed?       Given your confidences, trust, finances, expertise to someone else and then when you least expect it, they take it and use it for themselves, share it, gossip about it etc, etc. Well, most people have during their life time and it’s one of the most uncomfortable experiences to have.                    You’re not sure how to respond properly.     Christ-like or unChrist-like? Defense:     How could you do that to me, take me at my most vulnerable point and...

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Pastoral Trust Issues

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For years I have gone with Evangelists to visit Pastors to ask them to have the Evangelist come and minister at their churches. I know full well what the majority of responses will be.   No! They couch it in the most gracious, holy, spiritual language possible, but the final reason is seldom given. See, they’ve been wrangled before.  Their trust has been broken.   the open door to their congregation has been breached.   They have stories to tell of betrayal.  Of nightmares of stolen members information.  Of seeds of division...

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Just Going to Have to Stop Standing on Swivel Chairs Once again the reality of old age (and common sense) are needed as you grow older. A small piece of our awning had fallen to the ground and I felt it was necessary to put it back up again. Sooo, I grabbed one of our deck chairs, (mr handyman) climbed up on it and with one foot on the railing, and one foot on the chair, low and behold it decided to spin around on me.  Seconds later as I crashed to the deck, I realized I had done another very stupid thing.                ...

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The Power of Presence!

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I woke up this morning much too early after a long day in Toronto, Canada, with great appointments.  But the Spirit was placing in my spirit an important warning and checks and balances for you the Rising Army of Front Line Warriors,                                 and developing Generals. The Power of Presence One of the strange things that happens to you, is to discover how people are affected when you walk into a room or a situation.    It’s when you hear in the background – “there he is”.   ...

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       Fifty years ago in cottage country we had the “old pump”.    It was a cast-iron creation, attached to a pipe that went deep into the earth, to bring water to the surface for drinking and household use.   You would pump the handle up and down until water would come flowing out of its spout.      The unique thing about it, was that it would lose its “prime”.   That meant, that although it was working one minute, the next it wasn’t.    Not that there wasn’t any water  anymore, but...

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January 1st 2014

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Well, well, well, well, well! Here we are at the beginning of a New Year – 2014! So many people make resolutions now, to try to fix the errors of the past year (or two).       Weight loss, be nicer,                                                    better grades in school, get a new car, fix the house, get out of debt… on and on it goes. Let me make a small suggestion – don’t make a resolution, make a reachable goal! Like weight loss; most of us fit in this...

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Where Were You?

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     About 2 or 3 years ago, I wrote a booklet titled – Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? Well, last night the lights went out for about 3-4 million people in Ontario, Canada with a very bad ice storm. People woke up with, no lights, no heat, no water, no travel, just to name a few of the inconveniences.      Now, that’s bad enough but the good news is; it’s coming back on again. Given the repair, maintenance crews that will work 24/7 most will be restored in a couple of days.      My booklet on the other...

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The Great Disconnect!

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I was thinking this morning of the great disconnect I had when I first started Christian Ministry back in 1961. I was stationed in the small town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s smallest provinces. What brought that to my mind is the amazing connectivity tool of today – Facebook. Hundreds even thousands of miles apart, you still have the connectedness of family & friends. Although, a great time of ministry, still as a young man, 1500 miles away from home, and first time trying to be a youth pastor, it was a great...

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