Casting Your Bread Upon the Waters

A lot of people never get it… especially these days of selfishness, self-centeredness, and entitlement.

A Biblical Principle is to Sow and Reap.     It means if you do good and keep doing good (it flows out of who you are and your character) then some time up the Road, it comes back to you in another form, and sometimes in greater measure than what you gave.

I feel really sorry for the people who have to work at it, OR, those who do it out of less than pure motives.

Begin a new Experiment with your Life!

Give something away – for FREE.     Every day.    Oh, not just the old leftovers and unwanted things, but something that is special, precious and even costly.    Go ahead, it’s only an experiment after all!

Well, Lorna & I have made it a lifetime practice.   Sometimes me, grudgingly.   But if she wanted too, I let her go ahead.   I figured she had more compassion, more sensitivity, whatever.

So, now in our older years, we are experiencing the Rivers of Blessings coming our way.   Over and over again, Lorna especially says, but we don’t deserve this.    Maybe not, and maybe never expected, but the Biblical Principle works.

And remember it may not be in large things, but in the little pleasures and things that make life full of surprises.

Cast your Bread, my friends, cast your bread!


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  1. Anuli says:

    Good word, thanks for sharing. I have tried to practice these principles of sowing good seeds as a lifestyle since becoming a believer over 2 decades ago. There are times one gets weary doing good especially if you feel that your effort is not appreciated; or you are constantly giving and people rarely remember to bless you. Whilst casting our bread upon the waters, let us keep in mind that it might take many days or even years to reap the harvest. God is our ultimate rewarder and He is faithful.

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