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The Evangelists Wife

The Evangelists Wife Too Often She’s the Forgotten Sacrifice  We must emphasize equal partnership for Ministry. If you truly believe God has called you to a Ministry, then it must of biblical necessity include her. 1. Find out her Personal Gifts and Utilize those in your Ministry 2. Speak your Devotion to her Partnership. 3. Be sure others are aware of her Importance and... read more

Social Issues Today

     Christians, Jews and Muslims have a similar problem in dealing with the Issues that the LGBTQ community poses for them.      All are bound by the same book that identifies the issue of homosexuality as sin.      No, there are not different scriptural, biblical opinions on this, there is only one, and therefore when asked to compromise or change, they face an... read more

Cream Rises to the Top…

I was thinking about this in church yesterday as the 2019 Camp came to an end. Dozens of people have been involved in this years Family Camp.   Each one played a part in the success of the whole.   Some who were old hat at doing their part right off the cuff, others as first timers attempting to put their gifts into action. It was amazing through the week to see the interactions,... read more

Sooner or Later

The Church and Ministers will have to take a stand!    Sad to say, but we have for a hundred years carried on ministry in Canada, as though we are a Christian country.    And to a degree we are. However, things have been gradually changing.    Like the frog in the kettle it’s been gradual, but now we are in hot water, and either we will respond or... read more

Re-Ordering the Moral Fabric!

Wow, it’s difficult to become old!     Our generation was so set in what we called Normal Standards.   Now, we face a society in what we think of as Abnormal. I was teaching a class recently, speaking about Christian Ethics.   I placed on the board the words:      Normal   – Abnormal  – ... read more

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