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Reasons Why Vaccinations Should not be Mandated

Reasons why Vaccinations should not be required (mandated) by Government or any Health Departments 1.   Conscientious Objector Their Position is: I do not Believe in Murder or Killing         noun         ... read more

The Question is…

Does wearing a Mask cause serious long-term Health Issues? As I understand physiology we have been created with a specially designed breathing system. We breath in Oxygen that goes into our Lungs, that is transferred into our blood cells and is carried throughout our body to bring new life and purity of blood. We breath out Carbon Dioxide that are the impurities from our blood system, to keep us... read more

The Growing Acceptance of a Socialist Government

So now unvaccinated Canadians are Second Class Citizens. Government mandates do not allow unvaccinated Canadians to travel on  airplanes, trains or buses. Nor to dine inside at restaurants or bars. Nor to attend public functions at Sports Arenas, Concert Venues etc. Nor to cross into the United States of... read more

How Close are we to the Mark of the Anti-Christ?

I believe as never before that we have entered the time for the revealing of the Mark of the Anti-Christ. (beast) Revelation 13:17″ And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”. This is a message that needs to sound out from our pulpits like never before. Many if not most of our Young People and Young Marrieds... read more


When I was doing Church construction 35 years ago, we would come to a property to build on, and search for a location to set up the Dumpy Level. Something like a surveyors tripod and level. We tried to find something that wouldn’t change, or shift, or be damaged. Often we chose a steel manhole lid in the middle of the nearby roadway. Not often did these change in the 4 or 5 months of... read more

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