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Evangelists Training School

Because this is a special Gifting close to my heart, I’ve decided to hold some Classes on this subject. I’ve taught, trained, mentored and assisted Evangelists for over 18 years now and through these powerful men and women, have seen thousands accept Christ as Saviour.   These will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but soon we will put them on DVD and be able to send them to other... read more


Branding     Branding is a concept as old as the hills!   On a farm or ranch, the one way to know your animals was to put a mark or brand on them.  That way if they strayed or got mixed up with others on an extra large ranch of thousands of acres, you could sort them out and find your own by looking for the mark. Jesus, has a mark on us as Christians, we are known by Him.   Furthermore, we know... read more

Christian Entrepreneurs

Definition: “Somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises”   “A risk-taking person” NO, not in this case; not for money or business, but for Ministry for building up the Church, the Body of Christ. Constantly we have people who sense a Call from God to do something for the Kingdom. Most often it doesn’t fall within the usual guidelines of the denominational... read more

The Great Disconnect

I was thinking this morning of the great disconnect I had when I first started Christian Ministry back in 1961.  I was stationed in the small town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s smallest provinces.   What brought that to my mind is the amazing connectivity tool of todays – Facebook. Hundreds even thousands of miles apart, you still have the connectedness of family &... read more

Casting Your Bread Upon the Waters

A lot of people never get it… especially these days of selfishness, self-centeredness, and entitlement. A Biblical Principle is to Sow and Reap.     It means if you do good and keep doing good (it flows out of who you are and your character) then some time up the Road, it comes back to you in another form, and sometimes in greater measure than what you gave. I feel really sorry for the people who... read more

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