Christian Entrepreneurs


“Somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises”   “A risk-taking person”

NO, not in this case; not for money or business, but for Ministry for building up the Church, the Body of Christ.

Constantly we have people who sense a Call from God to do something for the Kingdom.

Most often it doesn’t fall within the usual guidelines of the denominational establishment.

Normally, the Christian Entrepreneur heads to their Pastor or the Church Leaders they know for validation                  and direction.   (which should be the biblical thing to do)

However, here’s the quandary!   Those Leaders go to their books and guidelines, and begin to try to retool                  your mind and thinking to accommodate those guidelines.

Problems surface.

How long have you attended our church?   (we need to prove your loyalty first, become a company man)

Have you been to Bible College?   (ours is empty so we need students)

Have you failed at other attempts to do Ministry?   (yes, a couple of times, for good spiritual reasons)

Do you have backers to support your Vision?   (not yet, came here first)

Are you willing to wait a couple of years to implement your Vision and Call?   (you’ll cool down by then)

Now What Do I Do?

Do I continue with my spiritual Vision, my Dream, my Calling, or do I try to have others fit me into                              their programs, plans and vision?   In most/many cases by this time they have been deprogrammed                               and disillusioned so badly, they just give up, and decide their Vision/Dream was just a figment of their        Imagination.

Here is What You Should Do!

  1. Write Down the Vision
  2. Share it with a couple of Godly people who will detect your spirit
  3. Look for confirmation in your personal life – e.g. have others encouraged you, do scriptures leap                            out at you related to this, do you have resources, are you willing to sacrifice, etc
  4. Begin to look for the opportunities to practice what you will be doing

           e.g.   If God has called you to do a Prison Ministry; go with someone who is already doing it.              

                      Learn on the job.  Study the things that make that person successful.    Copy good fruit!

  1. Put a Proposed Plan in Place.     Purposes, Strategy, Equipment, Personnel, Finances
  2. Ask for a Covering.     A Church, A Christian Leader, A nondenominational organization.                                        (not always easy, because like a person starting a secular business, they head to                                                          the bank, and the bank says it can’t work, too costly, not enough capital, too young, not                                     enough experience, too fat, too Whatever???     Then the person goes out on their own and                                 becomes a billionaire)
  3. Release. This is where the rubber meets the road.   Where real Christian Entrepreneurs exist.                                  I’m full of Faith and Inexperience with a Call from God, I’ve pretty well got everything I need.                               Let’s Go!!


NOW… on occasion you’ll meet a person (Godly who tests the Spirits) that will listen to you,                                              hear the same voice of God, who says, I’ll mentor you, I’ll walk with you, Let’s go!

You Should be so Blessed!   (sometimes people say, “lucky”)

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