Christian Leadership Training

Let’s Equip More Christians for Leadership.    We have a strange paradigm set up that forces our Christian youth into a 4-6 year College program to equip them for leadership.

Why do I think it is strange?

First, because it puts them into a cookie-cutter type of training that stifles creativity.

Second, because it cripples them with a debt that takes years to pay off.

Third, because there is no evidence they are Christianizing North America.

Fourth, because it is a disincentive to entice young people into Christian Ministry, knowing even with an equal education they will never get an equal pay check.

Fifth, because there’s a vast history that shows that people with a lesser education in Christian ministry have won and discipled many more people.

So… What to Do?

Return to a proven paradigm that was effective for hundreds of years. Train all our Christian Youth in the Basics of their Faith.

Like the Jews do!     Like the Muslims do!

Mandatory schools of their Faith beliefs.


1. Have Pastors and Christian Leaders encourage young people that a Christian occupation, profession is a noble life-long job.

2. Have Parents encourage their children, towards ministry, rather than getting a secular occupation, profession, that will secure their Old Age Retirement dreams.

3. Give young people opportunities earlier to participate in Ministry.

4. Make sure that a good part of the Church Budget is part of the Christian School system.

5. Put 2 year Bible Institute Programs in place in our Churches. Don’t re-invent the Program, get one that’s proven effective in existence, and adapt it to your Church or Ministry.

6. Set a fee structure in place that reflects the use of the Building, existing Lecturers and Texts that are timeless

7. Find other Colleges and Universities that will accept your training on a par. That way if the student desires to go on they can. But, in the meantime they could opt for simple Christian ministry as pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries etc.

Let’s get our Christian students into Ministry with a combination of theory and work experience.    Every church can have a part in this new Day!


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