Christmas 2015

What an amazing time to celebrate!   This is the time of the year we set aside to remember the Coming of Jesus Christ into the World as the Son of God.

Sadly, many are not celebrating it, as it holds too many painful memories.

Family members that have died, and this is the first time without them at Christmas.

Divorce has shattered their dreams and hopes and they will go through this time alone, or still confused at the turn of Events in their lives.

Financial loss has left them destitute, or unable to have the usual level of gift giving potential.

Let me be the bearer of Good News!     Your present life does not need to be dictated to, by the circumstances of your past, recent or long term.

As Christ came to bring new Life and Meaning long ago; He does the same for you today!

Find a few friends that love you, lean on them, share your need at this Season for their involvement.

Many times they are just not thinking in the business of the Season, they would be devastated to think you needed them and they were not there for you.  Don’t be alone.   Invite yourself in, if necessary.

Pray for God’s peace, love and joy to fill your heart.

Don’t let fear, despair, pain, sorrow or negative words pull you down.   Look for His power to sustain and keep you through each day, and especially this Christmas Season.     jmcd

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