Cream Rises to the Top…

I was thinking about this in church yesterday as the 2019 Camp came to an end.

Dozens of people have been involved in this years Family Camp.   Each one played a part in the success of the whole.   Some who were old hat at doing their part right off the cuff, others as first timers attempting to put their gifts into action.

It was amazing through the week to see the interactions, the fill-ins, the joy, the laughter, the children, youth and adults together in services and at play.

In the olden days (here I go dating myself again) the farmers would put milk into bottles fresh from the cows.    Later it needed pasteurizing, later delivery to big factories etc.    But in the earlier times, you could actually see the best of the milk directly from the cows, rising to the top in glass bottles and known as CREAM.  

I think of how it’s necessary to give and make opportunities for others so that they can rise to the top.    Left alone, even in the church they become the spectators, but given a chance for involvement, they begin to develop. Especially if you discover their giftings and use them in those.

Well, my encouragement to those in Leadership is search out the left behind people, the over looked persons, the shy, the not so pushy types and give others a chance to filter to the TOP!     jmcd 

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