Just Going to Have to Stop Standing on Swivel Chairs

Once again the reality of old age (and common sense) are needed as you grow older.

A small piece of our awning had fallen to the ground and I felt it was necessary to put it back up again.

Sooo, I grabbed one of our deck chairs, (mr handyman) climbed up on it and with one foot on the railing, and one foot on the chair, low and behold it decided to spin around on me. 

Seconds later as I crashed to the deck, I realized I had done another very stupid thing. 

               First, I looked around to see who might have observed my stupidity.  

               Second, I lay there for a few moments to catch my breath.  

               Third, I began to check out the possibility of broken bones, scratches or bleeding.

Thankfully, although with a few groans, a little bleeding, a lot of scratching and bruising, I was in good shape.    So up I got (carefully & slowly) straightened up everything so Lorna wouldn’t see, and made my way into the cottage to have a fresh cup of coffee.

Moral of the story – I have made a resolution to never, ever, ever, again climb up on a Swivel Chair.

Impact of the story – I’ve well and with a slightly bruised pride, very thankful, not to have hit my head any harder than I did.    

Happy Summer 2014!

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