This is the calling of the Church – a mandate passed on to us by our Leader – the Lord Jesus Christ.  “go ye therefore into all nations and preach the Gospel”

It always amazes me how we have to be brought back to the basics.   Why can’t we stay focused on the premier ministry of the Church?    I think it’s a trick of the devil.   He wants to divert our attention, resources and energy into doing other things.

In fact, every time someone begins to talk about doing Evangelism, someone else (who obviously doesn’t get the real meaning of the word) wants to put another Program in place.    The church is mesmerized by Programs.    It will spend countless dollars, endless energy and tons of promotion to do yet another Program.   

There are many methods of Evangelism but only One Evangel.    Somewhere along the line you must get to the Message.   It’s timeless, unchangeable, and irreplaceable!    I love to hear that people have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.   It’s the result of Preaching, Presenting the Gospel.    Jesus had it right in the first place; so we shouldn’t have to try to always be improving it.

I’m always surprised when people don’t understand our Mandate correctly.   We are exclusive as well as inclusive.    There is no other way to God, but through Jesus Christ, that excludes all other doors and gods.    And, he includes everyone in the Invitation.   

It’s my hope that in the closing days of time – there will be a new concentration on presenting the Gospel.   Paul said it right – “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation”    I call it the dynamite of Heaven!    Enough power to blast you out of sin and darkness into a new life of purity and light; making you fit and ready for heaven.

Hey, it’s time to tell your Pastor – enough song and dances, programs, wealth seminars, concerts and crowd pleasers, in the Church – let’s get involved with soul-winning – Evangelism.     jmcd


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