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When God gave gifts to the Church, he included this one. I believe it is the Soul-Winning gift of the Church. The birthing mechanism if you like.

This has become my Philosophy over the last 20+ years and I have devoted much of my Ministry time to developing and encouraging this. Not a lot have responded to the urgency of their message. They have become embroiled in material things to make their lives comfortable. They give only token energy, resources, and commitment to their Gifting.

I fear now that we may have waited too long to push this gift and have resorted to fun and games to present the Gospel Message. The world is turning quickly to a Moral Quagmire, from which we may never recover.

And to all who are prophesying a Revival, it may come at incredible expense to our comfort, security, and persecution.

However, for true Believers, our Redemption draws nigh. He’s a person not a thing. For those who look for Him shall He appear. Such a great inspirational message – Believers look up, pray up, loosen your grip on earthly things.