Guidelines for Ministry Finances

“Putting Financial Guidelines in Place for Credibility Purposes”  (Part 1)

I’m very thankful for years of experience and having an inside track to see how Successful Ministries and Churches have handled God’s Money.    I want to share a few Principles with you that will help you to attain & retain in the eyes of the world & God’s people – Credibility, with a capital C!

Credibility is one thing that is earned by time and trust.   It can be lost in a moment of time.   It can seldom be regained!   Thus the importance of implementing it at the beginning of your Ministry.


1.      Study the Scriptural Principles used by Jesus in handling money.

You will be surprised how often Jesus talks about money.   He knew the trap that it would be for everyone, but especially to us as Ministers of the good news.

2.      Don’t wait till you have a large Ministry to employ these principles.

When your ministry gets large, you will begin to ignore these principles and design new ones based on you wanting a bigger share of the income, after all I made it (the money) didn’t I.

3.      Design a budget for your Ministry.

It can’t be stressed too much – very easy and simple to do and can be changed as time goes on and you need to allocate finances into different areas.     Do one today for 2013   No;  I mean do it now!

4.      Purchase a computer program to record your finances.

(Quicken, QuickBooks etc, cheap, professional and detailed)  Accountants and Bookkeepers love this!  It creates accuracy, transparency and trust.

5.      Separate Ministry money from Personal money.

Major failure of many Evangelists.   Mixing both will ruin your credibility, and generally your home.   Your personal pocket can only take care of a limited amount of professional expenses, so set up your ministry finances immediately.   Separate bank accounts, debit cards, visa cards, etc

6.      Have your Board of Directors set a Salary for you, and have an automatic yearly review process put in place to Raise or (Lower) it.

This is one of the most important things you can do.   I have followed the principle of Billy Graham’s Ministry in this regard.  Let the ones around you, that you trust and love, to help you in this. They will see your needs increasing and treat you properly.  Too many ministries have released the demons of hell on them by thinking they can take as much as they want.   Generally justified by the Prosperity Message.   Remember, the human unregenerate heart says – I can never get enough.

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