I Work with so many Amazing People!

Because I help churches and ministries Incorporate and Register with the CRA here in Canada, I encounter so many new, vibrant, enthusiastic, Godly people with a fresh Vision.

Recently; a couple of middle aged ladies starting a Church, trying to line up all the paper work to do it responsibly and accurately for the sake of integrity and ethics.   So confused about some of the demands on them, but persuaded they want God’s best and to do it right.   Beautiful to hear them describe their new congregation of 35/50 people,  (if they all come) an expression I used often in my 40 plus years of pastoring.

A young man comes describing what God showed him to do in beginning a Ministry, which as an Evangelist he can do very well, but, needs to be sure he’s giving to Caesar the things due to him. So exciting to hear where he is heading.   Visions beyond the human ability.   A God given Vision, that could easily propel him to international proportions if he stays the course and focused.

An old man describes new technology he’s going to use it to expand an outreach to Youth in need, in a novel new way. Just as on fire at his age, as the kid just described above.  This is a God-thing he declares!

A young woman shares her Ministry that will take her from her comfort zone into a new world of poverty and challenges. She thinks God is in it and He will take care of her.   A few days later she shares a praise report of an extremely generous donation that will propel her vision.   Now really on fire, and I’m excited to watch her go and grow.

Another describes her support Ministry of many missionaries in other countries,

Another shares his ministry in teaching and evangelism, 10,000 miles away,

Another starts a new Church out West somewhere, with 20/40 people,

Another in Ontario is so excited because they are breaking the 60 mark and only a year old.

Another, an Evangelist has had God open spectacular doors of opportunity and given him favour beyond what he could ask or think.

And on and on it goes.   Dozens of stories of the New Testament being repeated over and over again.

And then some of you wonder why I can’t retire at 77.   It’s too exciting seeing what God is doing!

On the one-hand churches and ministries are dying by the hundreds and on the other, new wine is being poured into new wineskins and revival is evident all over the world.   Rather be on this end of thing!


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