In the Life of an Evangelist

                When I was about 26 years of age, I travelled as a Youth Evangelist in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.   Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.   It was quite an exciting time for me as a single Minister of the Gospel.

                One experience looms high in my mind as I reflect on those years.   I was doing a couple of months circuit around to some churches to minister by invitation.   I had just left Sydney, Nova Scotia and was heading to Murray Harbour, P.E.I. for a week of youth services.   The easiest and least expensive way on to the Island was by Wood Island Ferry out of Pictou, N.S., so I booked my car and I.

                We had a great week of meetings in this little country church and the Lord showed up as usual.  On the closing night the pastor took up a love offering and just before I left the church for the parsonage, he met with me and told me to open my hands.   Into it he dumped the offering.    $8.36 cents.   I’ll never forget it.  Tons of love, very little cash.

                Now my dilemma was that it cost me more than that to catch the ferry to the Island, and more than that to leave, and as a young upstart Evangelist I had nothing to underwrite my journey.   I didn’t have enough money to leave the Island.   In those days credit cards were in short supply, and if I had one (which I don’t remember) it didn’t qualify me for one with any sizeable amount, which was maxed out.   I was stuck!

                I thanked the pastor, thinking they had done their best and knowing my commitment was never to set a price on my ministry.   The hard part was not complaining.   On my way off the Island I had to pass through Charlettown, so I decided to drop in on a local pastor of the P.A.O.C. church, Rev Charles Benn, (first time to meet him) for fellowship, and probably lunch.   He asked me how things were going and where I was going next.  I told him we had great services and I was headed for Littleton, N.B. about 150 miles away.   He asked me if I was free to speak that night at his mid-week service.   Was I ever!   Always ready for every opportunity.  I stayed overnight and as I left the next morning he handed me a check for $50.00 for my ministry to his congregation.

                Now I had enough money to leave the Island, gas to get to the next church, and a thankfulness to God for His provision, and a servant obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.   I learned valuable lessons in my journey as a young preacher, and have tried to be sensitive to that still small voice that leads you and has promised to always supply.   That’s one of the reasons I have such a big heart for Evangelists and work diligently at encouraging them and helping them find financial stability.

                I love God’s faithfulness and have learned to trust Him, even for the last minute supply.   I’m 80 now but I would do it all over again!

Evangelist John Mc Donald

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