January 1st 2014

Well, well, well, well, well!

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year – 2014!

So many people make resolutions now, to try to fix the errors of the past year (or two).       Weight loss, be nicer,                                                    better grades in school, get a new car, fix the house, get out of debt… on and on it goes.

Let me make a small suggestion – don’t make a resolution, make a reachable goal!

Like weight loss; most of us fit in this category.

Lose 5 pounds in January, 4 pounds in February, 3 pounds in March, 2 pounds in April, and 1 pound in May.                                                           There you go – 15 pounds lighter! In only 5 months, and easily achievable because you did it with a reasonable strategy.

OR, how about paying off the debt? $100.00 in January, $200.00 in February, $300.00 in March etc until the credit card is at O.

Why do I think these are achievable? Because in the first instance, you lose a lot of water weight in the early months, then fat as it is replaced with muscle.

In the debt payment, you’re still catching up on the extra bills of winter and Christmas, before some extra cash becomes available.

The same is true in the Spiritual Realm of every individual – take bite size steps or pieces before you give up on the overwhelming unrealistic resolutions of January 1st.

Determine (set a goal) to read a couple of chapters a day of the Scriptures. Pray for 2-3 minutes a day.       Give a small gift to a needy person, develop habits over weeks that become a part of your normal life.

My goal for this year is to be as Christlike as possible and continue to help Evangelists, that God brings my way, to realize their gifting and visions of Souls in the Kingdom.          I think I’ll do it one day at a time, because the bible tells me I don’t even have the promise of tomorrow!

Have a great New Year!


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