Lots of Confidence!

To watch a person with lots of confidence is an interesting study in human nature.

They walk with an air of, I-know-where-I-am-going.     Poise and bearing.    If I’m not the best thing since sliced-cheese, I don’t know who is.    Listen to me, I can’t stop talking, I know almost everything.    The world will bow at my feet, just watch and see.

In the servant leadership model, this person sets off all kinds of alarm bells ringing.

Over my years of ministry I have met all types and watched with dismay the rise and fall of so many. Capable, talented, gifted, anointed, self assured, with potential at the highest level.   BUT – they rose like a brilliant star and crashed as a falling meteorite.


Let me offer a few possible reasons.

  1. They Lost Their Bearings – in an airplane this is disastrous; once you lose your sense of North and South, Up and Down, you are headed for a crash.   Many in ministry do just that same thing.   The very things, morality, doctrine, ethics, scripture, are the North Stars that keep us on track.  Once you begin to veer from these, even in the slightest amount, your setting yourself up for the Fall.


  1. They Begin to Believe Their Own Advertising – today with all our technology we can dress ourselves up like never before and project ourselves as something beyond imagination.   It’s a danger I cannot over emphasize.


  1. Their Audience sees Them in the Role of an Idol – they many not even recognize this role, but true to human nature looking for an idol, they are put up there with secular stars.


  1. They Begin to See People as a Means to an End –  what do I mean by that, well, for one, those who work with me are required to keep contact with the Pastors/Leaders who have helped them get where they are today.   It’s easy to keep databases and contacts, but requires a lot of diligence and discipline to pick up the phone and tell some lonely Pastor somewhere that you are thinking about them and praying for them.   The bonus that comes from that type of contact is beyond measure; both for you and them; both spiritually and physically.


  1. They Live in an Unreal World – travel, people catering to them, giving them their every desire, leads to them living in a fantasy world from which some never return, or get their feet on the real ground.


  1. Their Finances Flow in Unparalleled Amounts – both pastors and people are longing for a Major Revival to come to the Christian Church.   If their ministry produces results (which are God-ordered) the Pastors/Leaders will have them back at any cost.    Salvations, Miracles, Healings, Deliverances, any of the signs following a Holy Spirit Ministry that produces church growth.  So dangerous is this element in Evangelists Ministry, that I warn them personally, and even check up on their Financial Statements.  (if they have any)


  1. Their Anonymity is Easy to Maintain – literally, here today, gone tomorrow.   Only if they f/b post can people keep any contact with them.   So they float in and out of nations and cities as though they were never there.


  1. They Travel First Class and Move About Quickly – I call it the parachute syndrome.  If you could devise a way to take a plane over the Preaching Location, throw them out in a parachute and let them land directly on the platform, preach and give the altar call; then have a hoist to raise them up to the Helicopter afterwards, it would save so much time and money and conversation.


  1. They are too Busy to Maintain Spiritual Contact with Their Source – schedules, demands, finances, important contacts, drives them away from their real source of power and anointing.  Not enough time to pray, not enough time to study, not enough time to meditate on the Word, they soon grow stale and think like Samson – I will get up like other times… and didn’t realize one day the Spirit had lifted”.


  1. Self Confidence outweighed Competence – because of several factors, personality being one of them, Evangelists often exude the air of Over Confidence.   Many times it lets them go and get where it would be better if they had waited until competence caught up with them.    Many are not competent in theological or doctrinal study, they have bible knowledge, but not is a systematized manner.    Not too bad unless they begin to portray themselves as theologians.


Soo… let’s all continue to examine and evaluate our lives on an on-going basis.   We don’t need any more crash and burns.    The fall-out is too far reaching these days!   The collateral damage is incredible.

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