Ministers Meddling in Business

     One of the greatest curses in Christian Ministry is when we begin to meddle in Business.   For many people in entrance to ministry, we take on the role of tent-maker with honour, and maybe necessity.   But there is no plan or strategy to exit that role.   It hasn’t even been suggested to us, that there is such a thing.

     Most often we are satisfied to have the best of both worlds; the titles, power and control of the Ministry and the desires and pleasures of the secular material world around us.

     As I stated I have seldom found a person tent-making in ministry, who has a plan to leave that role and especially so if they have climbed the ranks to a successful, business or career.   It’s just too hard to let go of the money, fame and comfort.

     During the course of my personal ministry, there have been times when we were in full-time ministry.  Often at bare survival salaries.   Other times like when planting a church, with no denominational support or others, we, Lorna & I, both went out to work part time to make our living and plant the church.   Sometimes our tithe was the only church income.  

     At the earliest possible time, we would leave or drop our jobs to become full time.   Our thought was not with respect to our personal, lavish well being.  We had been called to ministry to sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel the same as Jesus did.

    In one church pastorate, we turned down pay raises, 6 times in a row, because we felt the church was doing fine by us.   Could we have used more?   Always!    So can everyone!  

     I want to encourage those in Ministry today to begin to look at getting into it Full Time.   Scale back your personal demands, personal luxuries, investments, businesses, put more time into the Kingdom.   You preach it all the time; “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.  Now begin to practice it!

     We really are not of this world; the things down here can disappear in minute’s maybe that will be the plan of God for you if you are not putting Him first.

“Do you deserve to be in Ministry with your present attitude toward entitlement?”


2 Responses to “Ministers Meddling in Business”

  1. Melissa Phillip says:

    Hi Pastor John,

    I was truly blessed by your Words of how you and sister Lorna had gone through the hard times. Certainly, we serve a God who is above All, and who is the supplier of our every need. God saw your heart,..and determination of doing His work, and He did see you all through. God will never fail his people. I pray abundant blessings to you all. God’s blessings.

    Melissa Phillip

    • John says:

      Thanks Sis Melissa – it’s a learning curve for most people in Ministry, but it can be dangerous to mix Religious Business and Ministry – jmcd

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