The real term for those called to serve God, is Minister – a servant. Imagine how important this position is. Jesus, explained this word with actions. He came to minister to the people. So in my mind, when called into Christian Service, we should be called – Ministers

     The most popular “generic” term is Pastor. So much confusion comes from the wrong use of these words. Still, after not being a pastor for 25 years people still call me Pastor. I usually respond favourably anyway, but when given the chance explain that I’m no longer their Pastor which the term suggests, but now a Teacher or Apostle.

     I think of the role of the Pastor, as being a shepherd, a hands on person, that cares for and loves the sheep.

I believe there are 5 specific Roles that Ministers are called into:

1. Teacher

2. Apostle

3. Pastor

4. Evangelist

5. Prophet

     By knowing your “calling” you can function very easily. Too often ministers are trying to function in a gifting that is not theirs. It becomes a chore. It becomes difficult. They lose their joy. They work at it.

     I think at different times in my life-long career as a Minister, I have functioned in different roles, so I don’t believe you can’t either morph, or receive a second “calling”.

     Why do I care? I think primarily because I saw the dismissing of the Role of the Evangelist over the last 50 years. I believe the Church has been set up (by God) and the Leadership of it have different roles to fulfill. If any of these roles is missing or diminished, it affects the function of the Church. Balance is missing.

     If not functioning at all, the specific purpose of the “gift” is lost. In my opinion the gift of the Evangelist is the soul-winning gift, and has been written off. It’s resulted in millions of souls not coming into the Kingdom.

     So… we lack true Evangelists. We lack new souls. The Kingdom is shrinking in many places. Let’s research, renew and refresh our interest in this important gift. jmcd

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