Fifty years ago in cottage country we had the “old pump”.    It was a cast-iron creation, attached to a pipe that went deep into the earth, to bring water to the surface for drinking and household use.   You would pump the handle up and down until water would come flowing out of its spout.

     The unique thing about it, was that it would lose its “prime”.   That meant, that although it was working one minute, the next it wasn’t.    Not that there wasn’t any water  anymore, but that it needed to keep going in order to function best.   Even if you slowed your pumping action, it still worked, but if you quit, so did the water supply.

     When you quit – it quit.   You had to start all over again, literally at the bottom to “prime” the pump.  That meant you stood there with a bucket of water, and poured it cup by cup into the top of the pump and pumped the handle a thousand times, until the suction once again brought the water to the surface.

     When I think about the Evangelists I work with and mentor and love, I see them making the same mistake over and over again.    I hate to see them starting over, or running to a new field because they have lost momentum, caused disaffection, or worse become hated.

     They go and have a Service, Crusade or Conference – the organizers go to extraordinary lengths to put the Event together, it usually is a success, then the Evangelist comes in, is the centre of attention, treated like a king and then leaves.    Never to be heard from again until the next time, he needs their help.

He loses  momentum.

     They forget to continue to “prime” the pump.   They forget their greatest asset.   They ignore their best friends.  They become known as – users.     When he needs me again, he’ll call.

     I’ve seen it a dozen times that Evangelists put tons of money (buckets of priming water) into the system to get their agenda going, then when it works once, they let the whole thing fall through.    If they want to go back, do it again, they need to start at the bottom (or near there) and pour tons more money into it.

     When you cause disaffection with your Godly organizers you set yourselves back and also the ones who will follow you.    How often have I assisted a new Evangelist trying to get a foot hold in a country, and heard the organizers, pastors, gate-keepers say, “O, here we go again, another one that just wants to use us, take our money then skip country”.    

Even when I say we are not like that; they just roll their eyes and dismiss us.     They usually say – we want long-term relationship!


So, what can we do as Evangelists to maintain Momentum?

1. Develop a Ministry Philosophy that you Convey to your Partners

2. Build personal Relationships with the Gate-Keepers of the Nation  (prominent, respected, men & women of God)

3. Try not to use your Missions Ministry as a Salary Base

4. Build a  Financial Base in North America with people/pastors that Trust in you.   There are millions of dollars here, waiting to be released to powerful, faithful, fruit bearing Ministries.

5. Contact your Ministry Opportunity Contacts around the World regularly.  (email gives you the bcc option to address hundreds of these with a personal note easily)

6.  For VIP contacts of your Ministry – do a personal phone contact every two months.

7.  Shock some of them by remembering their birthday, their wives, or their children’s birthdays.  Or anniversaries.   Do it a week before facebook has to remind you.   That’s so unprofessional!

8.  Genuinely love them and build trust with them and on occasion give them a gift

9.  Pray for them and their Ministry/Church, and let them know you care

10.  Arrange some financial reimbursement for them for the Crusade time/money they spent

11.  Think of them as more than partners – they are God’s gift to you!


     Well, I’m not necessarily telling you anything new, but I am sharing something vital.   Something that affects your Ministry.   Something that can move you from good to excellence.   Something that can bless the Body of Christ with integrity, love, networking, faithfulness, and souls in the Kingdom!

Just because I care!


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