My thoughts on The Trumper

The two countries of Canada and the United States are so intertwined in so many ways, that we follow their politics as closely, or more so as ours.     And we have strong opinions about them.

The recent federal election was watched with strong, mixed emotions and opinions, on almost a daily basis.

Evangelicals like myself were horrified at a lot of the “goings on” of the two front-runners for President.      Like, isn’t politics supposed to be about issues, and constituents needs, and finances, and a strong morality?

Well, the mudslinging went on endlessly.   Terrible things emerged.  Bickering increased.   Issues were lost, or not addressed.   Greatness in Leadership slipped into the dark abyss of cynicism.

Although not eligible to vote, being a Canadian, still we were forced to evaluate and consider who we thought would make a great President, because much of our future depends on theirs.

Polarizing was the one word that constantly surfaced.

Who could an honest Evangelical vote for?     Neither seemed a good alternative!

The problem increased, but eventually people had to chose between the lesser of what they saw as two evils.   The imagined destruction of Jewish/Christian morality was rampant in the previous administration and it was being proposed that the slippery slope would be greased even more.

So eventually in a near panic mode, the evangelical Christian community voted to support someone who was promising to slow or reverse that morality slide.     Everyone agreed this was a gut-wrenching decision.   One thing became clear, one candidate would continue to allow the practice of Abortion (murder), the other promised to reverse it.    So a ground swell began to build, and caught in the middle, Evangelicals in general decided this and a new conservative Supreme Court Justice were enough to garner their vote.  They decided their country was more important to have a continuation of established constitutional practices, rather than move to a regressive morality that would undermine their beliefs.

Today a year later.   Well… still some voter second guessing going on!    Did we do the right thing?

The Jury is still out.

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