new – news for 2021

JULY 2021

All our Videos for the Sing-a-Longs and Take 5… are now posted on our YouTube channel for anytime, free listening pleasure

TAKE 5… with Pastor John

These are 5/8 minute FaceBook posts on Camera. They are based on words that I believe I have heard from God. The Motto of our ministry is “Ministering to Ministers” so I expect a lot of the content will apply and be used by them.


Great new Sing-a-Longs with John & Lorna Mc Donald on FaceBook. It’s a time to bring Hope, Joy and Peace to the hearts of the Saints, young and old alike.

Join us for an enjoyable half hour of singing God’s praises and in Worship to Him.

Check out my facebook page for times and days


Hey folks, we’ve developed a new Bible Study Series on this important topic for both Church/Ministry and In-Home Studies.

We have a variety of Resources to help you understand and direct this easily for any size group or demographic.

A. We’ve published a Classic book on this by an old-fashioned Pentecostal pioneer in this subject – Rev Dr Gordon Atter.

B. Produced 2 DVD’s with 5 Subjects taught on these.

C. Uploaded these 5 Subjects on our YouTube Channel that you can access for free.

D. Developed some suggestions to help your Study Group, sing and discuss this important biblical subject.

5 Books/2DVDs – a suggested donation of $25.00 + S/H

10 Books/2DVDs – a suggested donation of $40.00 + S/H

How can you get these? email us at:

March 2020

Well, we had several Ministry Events we had to cancel due to the Virus that’s spreading across the world.   What a disappointment.   We love to minister.    Most have simply said we’ll reschedule when this passes.

January 2020

Enjoying our stay in Courtice!   My sister lives there along with her husband, and Lorna’s sister and husband live near by in Pickering.  Several Pastor friends are in this area, and only 30 minutes to Scarborough, ON.

Ended 2019 with a terrible cold and flu.   Kept us bedfast for the better part of a week, including Christmas and Boxing Day.   It delayed our leaving for Florida for the better part of a week as well.   This flu stays with you a long time, still some effects.

Hoping to do some more Preaching (if you would like us to come, please contact us by email), ending some other aspects of ministry, and hoping to do some more writing.

The motto of our Ministry is “Ministering to Ministers”  this is under the direction of the Holy Spirit as He brings people to us.   Lorna is a great help where there is a couple involved.

September 2019

Well, as this Season of Life would have it, Al & Sonya asked us if we would like to consider an In-Law Apartment with them in their new place of Ministry in Oshawa, ON, at King Street Community Church.

Lorna & I prayed about it and without too much hesitation, we proceeded to help find a new house in Courtice.     Happy to say the Lord has provided.   Yet Again!  

So we have sold our town-house in Brantford and moved to Courtice.   Lots of memories in the packing and discarding, but necessary in down-sizing once again.   

Pray for us during this transition that all goes well, and we settle in without incident.    Blessings,     John & Lorna

The Country Parson Ministry (  is working at putting Successors in place to continue some of the Special Ministries John has been doing over the last several years.

  1.  The School of Evangelists

For the last 18 years, I’ve been mentoring Evangelists to go into the Harvest Field.   This has become a passion of mine.   

The New President is: Evangelist Sajanth Mohanakanthan  (Saj Mohan).

He’s a young man that I have worked with over the last 10 years and found him to be Godly, hard working, focused and passionate about Evangelists.

2. The Canadian Christian Ministers Federation

For 12 years we have been Licensing and Ordaining Ministers of the Gospel, under this Association.

The new President is: Rev Dr Bryan Vaughan

This is a great Association to have Credentials with, we now have 106 Members

3.  Ontario Bible Institute

The New President is: Evangelist Rev Finu Iype

The new Bible Institute being designed from scratch is called :    P.R.I.S.M.  –   Passion to reach International School of Ministry.        The new website is up and running and accepting applications for Students for Bible, Theology and Music Courses, beginning in January 2019.    More will be added to bring it to a full compliment of Certificate and Diploma Programs.


I’m excited to see what this new phase of Ministry will look like as many more become involved and taking over  the Ministries that     have developed over the years with C.P.M.