Pastoral Trust Issues

For years I have gone with Evangelists to visit Pastors to ask them to have the Evangelist come and minister at their churches.

I know full well what the majority of responses will be.   No!

They couch it in the most gracious, holy, spiritual language possible, but the final reason is seldom given.

See, they’ve been wrangled before.  Their trust has been broken.   the open door to their congregation has been breached.   They have stories to tell of betrayal.  Of nightmares of stolen members information.  Of seeds of division sown.  Of bad mouthing by the Evangelist.  Of lack of results.  Of splits, and more splits and more splits.

The aftermath of all of this, is they simply don’t want to run the risk of yet another major problem.   They would prefer another model of Evangelism and it doesn’t include the Evangelist.   What an inditement to this special gifting to the Church.   What a loss to the growth of the Church!

What can we do?    Make sure every Minister of the Gospel is made to take a Ministerial Ethics Course.  In that course build an accountability structure that will put them under continual scrutiny by their peers.  When they go to a Church, make sure they gain the confidence of and a relationship with the Pastor.

Take another look at your Gifting, at the size of the Lake your fishing in, at the big picture of the World as the Harvest Field, not your Brothers little pond.

In the final analysis, don’t betray the trust of your Brother in the Lord!   Act Christ like!





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