Prophecy for Today

This is an interesting time in History for the Christian Church.

The scriptures are our source of information of what it will look like as the end of time approaches. This source is the most trustworthy any-where!

There are two aspects to Bible Prophecy that must be understood to get a solid position.

  1. There are definitive declarations by Christ that do not have a need for interpretation.
  2. There are linking scriptures that can be researched as to where and what they are referring too. I think of this aspect as being; Speculative Eschatology. (prophecy)

Now here is where it is necessary for believers to have the Gift of Discerning of Spirits. Not every spirit that is out there is of God! When you hear someone throw in a comment like, “this is what I think”, you know you are in the area of speculative theology, and it has the possibil-ity of extra-biblical thought.

This is when you need the Spirit’s wisdom and direction. Don’t accept every wind of doctrine.

How can I help myself?

  1. Check the track record of the individual writing, preaching etc
  2. Search the Scriptures yourself.
  3. Use a couple of translations that are orthodox. (tested & true)
  4. Stick to simple declarations from Jesus or the Apostles that are basic and foundational
  5. Pray for Wisdom.
  6. Maybe step back from your obsession to know every detail of the end times, and rest secure in the Positive Declarations of the Word.


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