Re-Ordering the Moral Fabric!

Wow, it’s difficult to become old!     Our generation was so set in what we called Normal Standards.   Now, we face a society in what we think of as Abnormal.

I was teaching a class recently, speaking about Christian Ethics.   I placed on the board the words:     

Normal   – Abnormal  –  Sub-normal                     

Under it:     Functional  –  Dysfunctional  –  Hyper-dysfunctional

My goal was to show the collapsing values of most of the Western World.

One of the students asked the right question.     How do we get back to Normal?          I was taken back with the question, although I had pondered it many times before.     The answer should be very simple, but the compound-complexity of a multi-cultural world, the devolving political systems, a financial morass universally, and a religious mish-mash that has lost it’s way; left me wondering for a moment, if there was an answer.

Then true to form, my pendulum swung back to the subject at hand.   Christian Ethics!    Everything about it is based on the Word of God!   So what is Normal?   Things that are recorded in the Good Book, regardless of a world and even a Christian religious system that seems to have lost it’s way.

So let the World re-order its Values, its Priorities, its Morals, even it’s God, we will not be deterred from following our Hearts set on Eternal Values.


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