Road Blocks

Understanding a person’s personality is often a key to knowing a person well.

Twenty years ago or so, Lorna and I took a trip to California for a Vacation.   I had lived there a year when I attended L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles.   It had been a good experience for me and I wanted her to see some of my past and the things that had helped shape my ministry and person.

Finding  inexpensive accommodation was a problem in Los Angeles; except around Disney Land.   However, I knew that in Los Vegas you could find it easily.   So to save on our budget, we decided to go over there for a few days.     Reasonable prices for food was also a factor.

I happened to know of a road that would save a good hours driving time in the trip, but it required a short-cut through the mountains to the East of L.A.    So I decided to take that.   Low and behold an hour out we came across a road-block.    A sign and one of those wooden blockades that said dangerous snow conditions ahead, no traffic.   

To Lorna’s surprise, I got out took the road block down and drove through, re-assembled the road block and went merrily on my way.    That sign to me meant, “only those drivers, who were not familiar with winter/snow conditions,” couldn’t get through; well after all I was from Canada  – the land of snow and ice.

BUT, ten kilometers up the road, we came across a massive snow-plow  machine and many workers trying to clear the literal mountain of snow, that had cascaded across the roadway from high above.  When I spoke to one of the workers, he said, “isn’t there a sign back there warning people not to come here?”.    Sheepishly, I agreed there was, but didn’t think it meant me.

Our trip back was quite quiet as Lorna & I thought of all the time and money I had wasted.   Plus the stupidity of it all.

Often today, at our own peril, we ignore the Road Block warnings that God has put up to save us time and money, plus our families well being and our spiritual growth and health.   

One of the great illustrations is – The Ten Commandments.   We have changed it into – The Ten Suggestions.    That’s like getting out and rearranging the Road Block Sign.   They are not there to give us something to dismantle and try to line up with the stars.   They are there to give us Solid, Best Direction.

Warning!    Passing this post along to others – may bless their lives and save them having to turn around sheepishly.      jmcd

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