Sing a Long

Well, here we go on another adventure!

Over the last several months we have seen governments, both local and federal come out with restrictions for the public. Of course this involved the church. Closing down for a period, limited attendance at others.

I believe it’s taken it’s toll as millions depend on their social interactions with friends, family and church members. We have a habit of making church our weeks beginning point. We dress up (or down) depending on choice and are upbeat as we head to our favourite church.

Now with that rug pulled out from under us, many are struggling. Especially older people who have lost a lot of their support system.

With that in mind and wanting to be a source of Encouragement and Support, Lorna & I have decided to do a Gospel Sing-a-Long on FaceBook. We may not be perfect, but we know the older Hymns and Songs and can share these with others. So join us on Facebook under my personal name John Mc Donald.

We’ll be glad you did! Blessings

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