Sooner or Later

The Church and Ministers will have to take a stand!    Sad to say, but we have for a hundred years carried on ministry in Canada, as though we are a Christian country.    And to a degree we are.

However, things have been gradually changing.    Like the frog in the kettle it’s been gradual, but now we are in hot water, and either we will respond or die.   

I think we have 3 options

Die – just give up and roll over and play dead.    Many have already done that, and even whole denominations are seeing that gradual death.    I see that as very bad, and hope I’m never a part of that slippery slope

Compromise – this is the most subtle and scary of them all, because even if you do, it’s never enough.   The enemy keeps pushing for more.   He wants you dead.    Remember, steal, kill and destroy?

Rise up and Be the Church – this is the most likely for the real church.   It may be individuals rather than a denomination, or organization; but history has shown that when push comes to shove, the Gospel requires and forces us to Stand Up.  

So the question is are you up to the task at hand?     Will you stand up?   Will you put your life and resources and future and finances on the line?

If we don’t another Generation will not live to see the Land of the Righteous.

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