The Great Disconnect!

I was thinking this morning of the great disconnect I had when I first started Christian Ministry back in 1961.

I was stationed in the small town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s smallest provinces.

What brought that to my mind is the amazing connectivity tool of today – Facebook.

Hundreds even thousands of miles apart, you still have the connectedness of family & friends.

Although, a great time of ministry, still as a young man, 1500 miles away from home, and first time trying to be

a youth pastor, it was a great challenge.

Probably two things made it possible:

1.    The complete knowledge that I was in the Call and Will of God.

2.   The full-proof of my ministry in seeing souls saved, delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit, and going on with Christ.

Let me just remind my young Evangelist Friends – there is no where that God is going to take you;

that He will not meet your every need and be your constant companion, friend and guide.

Almost 73 years have proven that to be true for me!   And He is still at work!

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”   Jesus




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