The Growing Acceptance of a Socialist Government

So now unvaccinated Canadians are Second Class Citizens.

Government mandates do not allow unvaccinated Canadians to travel on  airplanes, trains or buses.

Nor to dine inside at restaurants or bars.

Nor to attend public functions at Sports Arenas, Concert Venues etc.

Nor to cross into the United States of America.                                                                                     

Does anyone see the creeping Government Control of the population?  Incrementally?

To those who have chosen by right of freedom in a democratic country to accept or refuse control of foreign substances to be entered into their own body, this is a serious affront.

Religious conscientious objectors consider their bodies as a temple of God.   It is not to be defiled by accepting anything that would destroy it.

In the case of the recent jabs (vaccinations) they are persuaded by historical protocols that these are not fully tested and verified.   Therefore until they are, they cannot accept them.

Noting that Science, the evidence, the facts over the last 18 months has been shifting continuously, as would be normal in a new virus; proving the uncertainty that many believe is not a settled truth.

Noting that fully vaccinated people are still contracting the virus, makes it more incredible that the unvaccinated are more of a risk to society.  It just adds to the confusion around the Government mandates.

Noting that the greatest amount of deaths are in the later ages of  the population, that normally dies anyway.

Noting that side effects both great and small are injuring and maiming people of all ages is a tragedy, that no one is responsible for.  Government laws giving the manufacturers non liability agreements.

Noting that efficacy is very limited, and will probably require continuous injections for years to come.

Noting that manipulation of the injections to include other non-medical applications is a real possibility.

Therefore, we see the present push; cutting off of services, unending persuasion, (to the point of brain-washing) disruption of our lives, firings, shaming, insults etc, to be unacceptable at least and unconstitutional at best.

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