The Power of Presence!

I woke up this morning much too early after a long day in Toronto, Canada, with great appointments.  But the Spirit was placing

in my spirit an important warning and checks and balances for you the Rising Army of Front Line Warriors,                                

and developing Generals.

The Power of Presence

One of the strange things that happens to you, is to discover how people are affected when you walk into a room or a situation.    It’s when you hear in the background – “there he is”.    At first you wonder what’s wrong with them.   Then you begin to understand there is something happening at that moment.

In law enforcement, one of their strongest advantages is to strategically place their officers or police cars.    They may not do anything except “be there”.     In some cases the car might be even be – empty.   But the desired effect is there, hundreds of speeding cars slow down; until they get out of sight of the Presence of Power.


The popular word for this is; charisma.    An unexplainable, indefinable, characteristic that you just have.     It comes in various quantities.    Some have tons of it, others just a few pounds.   (for lack of being able to better quantify)      It none the less exists, and Evangelists are most often prone to have “it”.    In my mind it’s one of those neutral things.      It can be used for good or evil.

 I’ve Watched for 60 years the Tactics of Evangelists Developing the Sensational.

Being 75 has its advantages; I’ve seen so many of the “great” Evangelists of my time.   William Branham, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, Jim Bakker, on and on.  I’ve also seen the impact they make in their arrival on stage.   Their presence electrifies the crowd.    From Roberts, jumping through a back curtain, to Kuhlman’s sweeping across the stage in a Hollywood Style dress and gown designed to give the impression of an angel etc, etc.    The common vernacular is:  “working the crowd”.     They had learned the Power of Presence!      

 Shift from the Presence of Christ to the Power of Your Presence

The inherent danger in all of this – when looked at from my brief (maybe cynical) description above; is that in spite of our declared desire to exalt Christ, we are attracting people to ourselves.    It becomes an occupational (Evangelist) hazard.

 The Development of the “cult of personality”

As we look at the Charismatic/Pentecostal/Evangelical Christian world of Ministers, Evangelists, Ministries, and Churches we see the evolution of good men and women in ministry, becoming, dare I say it, idols?     Here I am, look how big I have become!    I am very, very special!     Bow and Worship!     Oh no we don’t say it – just subtly encourage it!

 Taking & receiving the “Glory”.    While even faking a want to ascribe it to Him

In most of my writings to you I assume you know the Scriptures.   I shouldn’t.   But the one about God not sharing His Glory with mortal man, is very important here.   It is one of the Foundational Principles of the word of God.    It is not to be violated.    We must not even mistakenly fail here.   It will be at our ultimate peril.

 How do we use the God given characteristic of Charisma, without destroying ourselves?

 Let me suggest a few ways.

  1. Acknowledge you have it.   When something comes from God, we must acknowledge its source and give thanks.  Charisma is just that.   Knowing I have it and using it for His Glory, will;  can;  bring honour to Him.   Rejoice in the giftings and blessings of God on your life.   BUT beware!   Be ever vigilant! 
  2. Be aware of its dangers.    It Causes People to Centre their Attention on You.    You don’t even have to “work it” like the person with the big, perpetual smile, kissing babies.    Christians are looking for role models, men and women of God to show them Christ in a real living, walking, breathing body.   At our best as “imitators of Christ” as Paul put it, we fall far short.
  1. It Causes you Think you are Something when you are Not.     The age old sin of Pride.   Believing your own promotions and advertisements.    Not recognizing when the Spot Light fades, the 400 mega watt power system is turned off, the crowds go home; you are just you; and without the Holy Spirit you are empty and dull. 
  2. People’s Adulation is Addictive.      You can hardly wait to be back on the Platform.    I can’t live without being up there speaking.    They need me.    I love it when they touch me and virtue flows out of me.     Wow, did you see them swoon? 
  3. It Can be Toxic.     Poisonous.     Deadly.   To the Evangelist, it can be the beginning of the end.  You may not even be aware of your dying and demise.    It is so subtle like taking small amounts of cyanide. 
  1. Practice the Presence of Christ.Here’s the solution – constantly – for a life time, practice the practice of Christ.   In moments of highs and lows, He stole away (usually alone) sometimes with His favourite disciples, into a quiet place of reflection, meditation, prayer and seeking God.    It’s like entering the Holy of Holies once in awhile.    You can’t stand, you must bow down, kneel, prostrate yourself in the face of your creator.   The one who “called” you, out of darkness into marvelous light, to be a Servant, a Reconciler, a preacher of righteousness, to a lost, hopeless, dying generation.

    Know the Power of Your Presence, but let it transferred into the Power of His Presence!

    Maybe you should tuck this away in a Microsoft File called – The Rising Army – for a later day when you wonder why “The Glory Lifted”.     I pray not!    Please pray for me too!














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