The Question is…

Does wearing a Mask cause serious long-term Health Issues?

As I understand physiology we have been created with a specially designed breathing system.

We breath in Oxygen that goes into our Lungs, that is transferred into our blood cells and is carried throughout our body to bring new life and purity of blood.

We breath out Carbon Dioxide that are the impurities from our blood system, to keep us healthy and functioning normally.

If, we wear a Mask does this restrict breathing IN Oxygen and breathing OUT Carbon Dioxide, that in fact increases breathing back in Carbon Dioxide, and lessening the amount of Oxygen, thus weakening our entire body?

What studies are there that have shown that this is a possibility, and if so, why are we being mandated to wear Masks, so much?

Will we in 2 years or 5 years find there are multiple problems associated with this problem.  

If so, will anyone of the present Specialists be held accountable and liable for this Scientific advice and coercion? 

I want to date this so people will know in the future that the question was raised.  November 20, 2021


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