Sink Holes & Pit Falls

When driving to Toronto yesterday a few thoughts came across my mind and spirit  regarding some of the Pit Falls a young (or older) Evangelist can be subject to.

In Florida, they have a phenomena they call “sink holes”.   Suddenly, without warning the earth gives way and swallows everything sitting there.   These sudden giveaways always surprise everyone.    Sometimes there is loss of life, resources, roads, homes  anything.    The explanation is simple (apparently?) for a long time something has been happening under the surface to eat away at the structure of the earth.   A vacuum occurs as the sub surface earth deteriorates unnoticed.   Then wham – it happens!      Reminds me of our shock every time a Ministry Fails.   YOU DO NOT NEED TO FAIL!    YOU ARE SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!

A hundred feet sinkhole in Guatemala

Let me again suggest a few possible reasons for the “sink holes” in Christian Ministry!

  1. Immorality – God delights in righteousness!   My key note scripture in my Ministerial Ethics class.  Jeremiah 9:24.    Memorize it!     Immorality takes us faster, deeper and keeps us longer than you want to stay.   It finally destroys.   Restoration is not a 6 month program, it’s a heart issue and may take years.
  2. Justice – same scripture – everyone cries for justice.    Injustice comes in many forms; Racism, Favouritism, Nepotism, Prejudice.    This is something we must study and guard our own hearts about.
  3. Lovingkindness – same scripture – this starts at home with parents, brothers & sisters, relatives and flows to the Body of Christ and the World at large.  The nature and character of God is Love.
  4. Finances – You should have strict guidelines in place.  This is of the highest priority because in today’s world this temptation to get a personal larger piece of the pie is rampant.   There are very few, scriptural templates to go on in this area.   Let me suggest a few.


a. Personal & Ministry Finances should be kept totally separate.

b. A salary should be set by your Ministry Team or Board Members.

c. That salary should be reviewed at least annually.

d. Divisions of your Ministry should be recorded separately and funds

designated to those divisions, used exclusively for that purpose.

Failure to do that is called FRAUD.

e. Pretentious cars, and personal possessions leave an indelible mark

on you and your ministry in the minds of both unsaved and others

in ministry.    Many times leaving them to think God is not on their

side otherwise they would be so blessed as well.   Our brothers &

sisters in Africa or elsewhere could use our extra wasteful dollars.

f.  Annual reports (or even more often) to our Covering Authority

should be standard procedure.

g. Keep the concept of “the widows mite” solidly in your heart/spirit.

  1. Burnout.  Every vehicle has a – gas tank.   When it’s full it runs great, when it gets low it creates fear, anxiety and confusion.     I see us, as using some gas each day to minister to others.    I see us, needing some of this gas to just do our own family, personal things.  If we don’t fill up, sooner or later we fail, burnout, become nominal, (research that word) irrevelant  and stale.  When we run low, we need a fill-up.    A topping up.   There Must be the Fresh Flow, Personally of the Power of God!
  2. Doctrine – suffice it to say, the New Testament is full of warnings about the last days and the lack of desire for Strong Doctrine.    Check your preaching notes, even as an Evangelist, get some food in there.
  3. Administration – The Evangelist seldom has this in his DNA.   BUT, they should have.   It will be the knowledge of proper means and methods that will move your Ministry to a Higher Level.   Learn procedures and protocol.  It doesn’t mean you will forever have to do it, but you will know how to train others in time to do it your way.  (hopefully it’s God’s way too).    It’s a poor excuse in Court  OR  the Court of World Opinion, I didn’t know the ones working for me in that Area were slothful, crooked or stupid.
  4. Friends – have a few!     Good people, Godly, Trustworthy, Loving, Fun, Enjoyable, Normal around you that can be comfortable with.    They won’t use you or embarras you, or point you in wrong directions.

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