The Rising Army

If there are internet police, then I must let them know we are not an earthly subversive group. In case they come hunting us down as terrorists. We are a spiritual army of God, wrestling not with flesh and blood, but with weaponry far stronger, because it is God sent. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ! We are victors no matter what the present circumstances!

I’m always amazed how the devil tries to divert our attention (time, money, prayer etc) away from our primary focus and calling. He has so many tricks up his sleeve. We actually need a course on the “wiles of the devil”. When I was pastoring for 37 years I used to preach sermons on the subject, “If I was the devil, this is what I would do”. See, if we don’t know our enemy, then we are overtaken by his wiles.

I’ve been concentrating on the subject of Deception lately. It’s because it is one of the Last Day Signs of the Return of Christ. I believe today is the day of saturation with deception. It seems to me like it’s as prevalent inside the church as outside. But, my major concern is with The Rising Army.

It’s the Mary/Martha syndrome. Trying to do the good compared to the best. It’s the Samson syndrome. Not realizing the Holy Spirit has lifted and we are now operating on our own steam. We have figured out the counterfeit to the real anointing. We can do it ourselves, walk in, pray a minute, preach up a storm, do an altar time, and walk out. It’s the “Me” syndrome. We now want a piece of the pie. A larger piece!

How do we get back on track? I often compare it to a train. There’s one Main track, dozens of Siding tracks. When something goes off on the Siding, (no matter how safe, beautiful, practical, effective etc) if it doesn’t keep you on the Main track, you must back up to get back on track. this requires humility as opposed to pride. This requires the path of the Cross (sacrifice) as
opposed “Me,ism”

I have watched hundreds of Ministries and Ministers over my 50 years of ministry; start out good and on focus, and then detour. MOST never to return on track. The Christian landscape is heavily littered with Ministries and Ministers who have been seduced and Deceived.

I’m praying the New Generation – the Rising Army, will break this travesty of deception.

All the Glory belongs to God – and Him only!

Bless You,

Dr John

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