“The Times and the Seasons”

Jesus spoke about this referring to the end of the age.   The time when the world would be sitting on the edge of the cliff and about to fall over.    Some think of it as the time of Armageddon!

I guess if ever in my lifetime of 71 years, I’ve considered we are at that point in time it is almost here and now.

World Confusion and Uncertainty in the Economy.  

Who can pull us back from the brink of world collapse in the financial markets?     What solutions are there for the drunken spending binges of the last 50 years?   Will we have to depend on our Great-Grandchildren to bring sanity to only spend what you earn and stop the crazy madness of unwarranted, borrowing?     One of the mindsets that kicks in with individuals is greed.   

This is a sin and without a Saviour that satisfies, (remember the scripture says, “godliness with contentment is great gain”)  everyone wants to have it now and pay for it later – much later.   In fact maybe never; who cares; we can always go bankrupt and start over.

Be sure it’s a set up for “the times and seasons”.    There is coming a one-world government!    Financial stability will demand it.    It will be just “sensible”.

Honest, Statesmen – like Leadership.

Both in the political and religious fields this is missing.   Who can you trust?   What’s the hidden agenda?  Where is the truth?    I used to laugh at the court statement, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.    Not anymore!     Intentional misleading statements, reporting, details, facts, that all distort the truth or outright destroy it are common.     Who do you vote for, who do you trust?   Such a culture of distrust has developed that you question your mother’s words.

Be sure it’s a set up for “the times and seasons”.   There is coming a one-world Leader!    Confusion will dictate it – Truth will demand it.    It will just be “sensible”.

Is there hope?    Of Course!   There always has been!

But, it’s not in man-made systems.   History has proven that.    Read the horrible accounts of man’s inhumanity with man.

It’s still in Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour of the World.     And believe it or not; one day He Will Reign King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and of His Kingdom there will be no end.

Like it or Not!

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