The U.S. Election 2020

I have a lot of American friends on both sides of the aisle. Republican and Democrat. These are good people.

For elections, I believe we as Christians should be involved. We should get a list of the Policy Positions of the Party and Leader. We should try to determine which reflects the most scriptural and balanced position for the most people. To not vote silences our voice. It removes the right to criticize when outcomes go against our values and moral code.

It’s sad to see Politics divide them based on the personalities of their Candidates. Such nasty attacks on a personal level. Much of it coming from their history, failing to accept the maturity changes that came over the years of their growth.

Let’s encourage each other to weigh the issues. Let’s be especially careful of our responses to those of other opinions. Let’s keep in mind the higher goals of the One who is in ultimate charge.

Certainly a given, for Christians; this needs to be a time of Prayer, Prayer and Fasting, of Humility and Repentance. The Nation needs God, not a revolution!

To my American friends – praying for you and trusting you have a great outcome, as your Nation moves into the 21st Century.


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