Too Many Demus’s Today!

One of the saddest experiences in life for me, is to see a person with great potential, and godliness, miss the will and call of God on their life.   Over and over again this happens as they chose wrong paths to follow.  Not necessarily even ungodly or evil paths, but directions that take them away from the greatest possible good.

Examples are found throughout the scripture that illustrate this; but the one that comes to mind is this passage in

 2 Timothy 4:10 “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world…”

Man; I hate that!

Paul the Apostle – the Mentor, everyone sought for, is left behind by one who he saw fit, to possibly replace him.

Forsaken.    He had decided to work with the young man and help bring him into his greatest potential, some call it Destiny.    The young guy decided otherwise!

“Loved this present world”     Demus chose to love the world’s things.   What they were are not defined, but this we know; they were the current attractions of that society.    So from that perspective we try to identify them and equate them with our present worldly distractions.

Possibly a camel – if he was walking with Paul, maybe he saw the other people of wealth driving by on their big shiny camels, or are they BMW’s or Jaguars?

Possibly a six bedroom palace – how come we as Christian Leaders can’t have the best; take from the ungodly and live in the luxury of this world?

Possibly a new Ipad, IPod, Blackberry, or Apple – IT gadgets (tools) that make our life more cutting-edge; before, our other friends in ministry even have them, so everyone will know we are at the top of our game.

Possibly a spouse – after all, my life should be complete, they should become my centre of joy and tell me where to go in Ministry.

Possibly family – look at all the other people around me that are able to settle down and stay in one place and minister to a secure financial base, all this running all over the world will cost a fortune and only result in hundreds, maybe thousands being saved?

What, what, what, were the things that attracted brother Demus away from his Mentor and Destiny?

Who knows for sure, but the more important question is:

What is taking you away from seeking, and pursuing the perfect will of God?    Some will say I don’t believe in the permissive will of God as opposed to the perfect will of God.    Trust me, believe it or not, the present Christian church leadership landscape, is littered with examples of it.  People with Calls, Visions, Dreams, great ministry; sidelined because they chose foolishly.

My own experience is that God often brings to me people to Mentor.   I don’t choose them, He brings them to me.   Filled with potential, godliness, and energy, they often slip away far too early, to pursue their own will, and desire for this “present world”.

Great Revivals, spiritual revolutions, society changing moves of God, have been lost because of this simple diversion of the enemy of the “cross” of Christ.    We will stand before God and give account!

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