Few Reach Their Potential

In my opinion very few Evangelists ever reach their potential.    A sad reality but true.    Most begin with a great vision from God, energy, passion and Godliness.

Somewhere along the way, things creep in and steal one or all of these attributes.    We all know it’s the work and goal of the enemy to do this, but we let our guard down and it’s like… boom, down we go.

The things of earth and the spirit can over-ride the real heart desire.

For me the sadness is very great, as I see the “gifting” in terms of souls saved.   This is the birthing mechanism of the Church.   This is the vessel the Holy Spirit uses most to bring believers into the Kingdom.

The Days are Shortening when there will ever be a revival.    I’m not pessimistic, just studying the signs of the times, and realize as Jesus said, “I will come again”! 

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